TMS Robotic Arm Navigation System

TMS Robotic Arm Navigation System

Robotic Arm Navigation System

Combining with medical imaging technology, image processing technology, positioning navigation technology, intelligent robot technology, Shenzhen Yingzhi Technology Co., Ltd. has developed the world’s first robotic arm navigation system independently which pushes the precision of the TMS navigation to its peak.

Automatic and intelligent tracking
The robotic navigation arm can place the TMS coil above a specific defined brain region  anatomically or functionally and start stimulating the target brain region totally automatically. 

Super precise positioning

Based on the 3D head model calculated with individual MRI images, a spatial location algorithm is used to map the stimulation target to the 3D head model, and the coordinates of defined target point are input to the intelligent tracking system in real time.

Automatic image processing

Intelligent algorithms support the fully automatic brain segmentation, fusion, 3D MR-constructed scalp and brain models, which accelerate the process of locating brain target areas.  

Localization reproducibility
After a stimulation, the coordinates of the stimulation target and the orientation angle of the coil are saved automatically, it’s easy to stimulate again in the same point with maximum precision.

Robotic arm with six-degrees of freedom

Use compliant actuator, the robotic arm has six-degrees of freedom which can realize the stimulation of whole brain region.