E-Prime Extensions for SMI

E-Prime Extensions for SMI

Eye Tracking SMI -  E-Prime Extensions for

Create new paradigms with E-Studio’s graphical design interface and connect with flexible remote eye tracking technologies by SensoMotoric Instruments.


Library of sample paradigms:

Fixed Position AOI

Fixed Position AOI Markers

Fixed Position AOI Multi Monitor

Slide Show

Varying Position AOI

Varying Position AOI Tracking

All Package Calls needed for seamless integration

Support: E-Prime support and SMI hardware support

Take advantage of the following benefits:

Create interactive or passive eye tracking paradigms

Create paradigms which change based on participant eye gaze data, AOI hit tests, fixation and user interaction

Combine eye gaze data with E-Prime condition data for powerful analysis

Train participants to fixate and control eye movements

Give feedback on vigilance or attentive behaviors

Supports wide range of studies:

Face perception and recognition

Infant studies


Attention patterns and behavior

Visual search

Scene recognition