EEG 256 Channels - High-density EEG recordings

EEG 256 Channels - High-density EEG recordings
EEG 256 Channels: BrainAmp 256  - High-density EEG recordings
Rugged portable amplifier for multiple applications
The BrainAmp amplifier is a compact solution for neurophysiology research that can be combined with other units within the same product family to cover a vast range of possible application areas. This fully portable solution can be used for standard EEG/ERP recordings but also for other types of acquisitions even in the “outside” world.

Thanks to its 5 kHz sampling rate per channel, the BrainAmp can be used to record EEG, EOG, EMG signals as well as evoked potentials with a frequency up to 1 kHz. The 16 bit TTL trigger input allows the detection of a large number of markers from visual, acoustic, electrical, magnetic or other stimulation modalities.

The BrainAmps can be used both with passive and active electrodes offering a great degree of flexibility and is powered by a rechargeable battery, the PowerPack.

The 32 channel units can be stacked to expand the number of channels up to 256 and combined with the BrainAmp ExG to record EOG, ECG, EMG and other peripheral signals such as GSR (Galvanic Skin Response), respiration, acceleration, temperature, etc.