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The technique of combined EEG & fMRI recordings has been evolving constantly over the last years. The electrode cap and electrodes, which are connected directly to the subject, are the items in our MRI product portfolio that more than the others require constant modifications, in order to guarantee always the highest safety and comfort of the test subject as well as to ensure an outstanding data quality both from the EEG and MRI point of view.

Guaranteed Safety

Guaranteed Comfort:

Ease of Use

What happens to old electrode caps that do not meet the current safety standards?
If you are sure that your scanner equipment has not changed and that scanner sequences and related procedures are exactly the same as when you first received your equipment, there is no urgent need to change your caps. Otherwise, after a couple of years of use it may be a good idea to adapt your equipment to the latest safety standards. Please verify if your scanner has been upgraded or sequences have been added by the manufacturer.

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Safe recordings with BrainCap MR and BrainAmp MR/BrainAmp MR plus/BrainAmp ExG MR require adhering closely to our safety instructions which can be found in the BrainAmp MR Operating and Reference Manual for use in an MR environment.

Worldwide Caution:
Our products are scientific equipment for INVESTIGATIONAL USE ONLY! Medical use e.g. for diagnosis, treatment of disease or other such purposes is strictly forbidden.

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