HydroCel Geodesic Sensor Net: No more problem

Thursday, 12 de March de 2020
HydroCel Geodesic Sensor Net: No problem.
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HydroCel Geodesic Sensor Net
Neuro Research Applications
EGI's Geodesic Sensor Nets (GSN)
HydroCel GSN 130, preterm infant sizes
The Geodesic Sensor Net
HydroCel Geodesic Sensor Net

Here is what Brain Products offers for current EGI Users …
✓ Brain Products and EasyCap make it easy for you to combine electrode caps and amplifiers from third-party manufacturers  (for example, EGI)
✓ We provide adaptors for the Net Station up to 128 channels
✓ All our caps and electrode types including R-Net and even actiCAP slim can be combined with the Net Station amplifiers in order to record high-quality data
✓ We provide adaptors for using EGI HydroCel nets in combination with our BrainAmp and actiCHamp Plus amplifier families
When combining equipment from different manufacturers, there will be a few things to take into consideration for your setup and recordings ...

✓ With actiCAP slim with snap holders, electrodes can be moved freely to get better layout matching
✓ actiCAP can be customized to have an equidistance layout, which is an approximation of the geodesic layout
✓ Impedance checks can be done with the additional use of the ControlBox
✓ The electrode layout and channel assignment cannot be edited in the EGI recording software
✓ This results in inconsistencies in the montage due to the different layouts used for the R-Net
 (10-20 system) and the HydroCel GSN (equidistant)
When using R-Net and EGI amplifiers (Net Amp):
>> How to resolve this:
✓ Find a conversion table for closest matching electrodes here
✓ this will help you to perform accurate impedance measurements
✓ the correct layout can be imported into your preferred analysis software (e.g. BrainVision Analyzer 2)
✓ R-Net location files in .bvef format are delivered with each cap or can be downloaded from our website
These are manufactured by EasyCap, they meant to connect either the EGI Sensor Nets to BrainAmp or actiChamp Plus or the actiCAP and R-Net cap to the Net Amp amplifiers. These offerings are rather intermediate solutions. The researcher labs shall know in advance, that channel placement, impedance measurement, and data handling could be different as with the Sensor Nets. The new adapters can be purchased from EasyCap and from Brain Products

Wet, dry, active and passive electrodes. What are they, and what to choose?

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